Online Safety Guide

Tips to help you make your online experience safe, fun, and comfortable

When you begin surfing online, it’s a good time to think about what you want from a friendship. It’s also a good time to think about how to safely meet and interact with new people. Remember, although we take necessary steps to protect all our members, NewFriends2go provides no background checks on members or subscriber.  Ultimately, your online and offline safety is your own responsibility and should be at the top of your agenda. It is advisable to use the following tips and your own common sense to help you to look for new friends.

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Protecting your identity and personal information

Be Anonymous

Never share your last name, or any other identifying information such as your place of work in your profile or initial communications.  Choose wisely which information you would like to make public.

Don’t Use Contact Information

Never include your contact information such as your email address, home address, or phone number in your profile or initial communications.

Protect Your Password

Be cautious when accessing your account from a public or shared computer so that others can’t view or record your password or personal information, clear your browser history.


Spend time to get to know people and evaluate your new friendship.

Communicate through NewFriends2go

Be cautious and learn as much as you can about someone before contacting them outside of Newfriends2go  on the phone or through your personal email or social media accounts. Also, consider creating an anonymous email address for contacting people outside of NewFriends2go.

Don’t Rush

Take your time to get to know someone before sharing your full identity or personal information.

Do Your Own Research

Do your own research to learn more about someone and make informed decisions before you finally meet. Check to see if the person is on other social networking sites like Facebook, do a google search to see if there are other records of the person online. Remember, NewFriends2go does not offer a screening service to members, check identities or criminal records.

Never Send Money

No one should ever ask you for money or your financial information. Always keep your bank and account information private.

Report Suspicious Behaviour

Use sound judgment and report suspicious members and anyone you see violating NewFriends2go’s  Terms of Use.

Be safe and take precautions

Your first meeting with someone new is an exciting step in a friendship, but it is important to maintain caution. When meeting someone in person for the first time, take precautions and consider these dos and don’ts.


  • Always let your friends or family know where you're going and what time you'll be home
  • Always meet in a public place surrounded by lots of people around
  • Always use your own transportation to get to and from your meeting place
  • Watch your alcohol intake
  • Keep your purse, phone, and personal items with you
  • Leave at any time you feel uncomfortable
  • Bring your mobile phone with you
  • Arrange to contact a friend when our meeting is over
  • Meet new people without telling anyone


  • Meet somewhere isolated or at yours or someone else's home
  • Allow your anyone pick you up at your home or place of work
  • Leave your drink unattended
  • Leave your personal items unattended
  • Feel pressured to stay or do anything you are uncomfortable with


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